Portofino – Originally Dolce Vita

Portofino is a commune on the Italian Riviera in the Metropolitan City of Genoa. The town is built around a small harbour and is known for its brightly painted buildings that line the shore. Portofino has attracted European aristocratic tourism since the late nineteenth century, and it is now a resort for the world’s jet set.


It is a charming fishing village with multicoloured, picturesque houses facing a crystalline green harbour. Its “Dolce Vita,” with its magnificent sunsets, breathtaking views, and exclusive parties, made it famous with actors, actresses, pop stars, and wealthy nobles.


Portofino is charming, beautifully landscaped, and has a nice beach area. The nearby Santa Margherita Ligure is also worth visiting to dine in high-quality restaurants at much lower prices than Portofino. It’s also where Christopher Columbus stayed before setting sail for America.


    3 900 $

    per day

    APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) is an additional fee paid by the guest in advance to cover the cost of the luxury yacht charter. If the APA is not completely consumed during the charter, it will be refunded to the guest.

    Price composition example

    Charter Price


    VAT (20%)


    APA (30%)




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    Places to visit and things to do in Portofino

    • Visit Castello Brown
    • Visit Piazza Martiri dell’Olivetta
    • Visit Christ of the Abyss
    • Admire its historic and colourful houses
    • Visit San Martino Church
    • Sit in Piazzetta and indulge in local ice cream
    • Reach the lighthouse, walk up the hill

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