Corsica – the Mediterranean island with the most beautiful coastlines

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea that is famous for its rugged landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and stunning beaches. Charter guests can experience the island’s natural beauty by cruising along its scenic coastline or exploring its many hiking trails.


Corsica is also home to charming villages and towns, such as Bonifacio and Calvi, which offer a glimpse into the island’s rich history and culture. Additionally, Corsica is known for its delicious cuisine, which features fresh seafood, cured meats, and local cheeses. Our charter guests love to indulge in Corsica’s culinary offerings at upscale restaurants and cafes, or by sampling local specialties at charming food markets.


    3 900 $

    per day

    APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) is an additional fee paid by the guest in advance to cover the cost of the luxury yacht charter. If the APA is not completely consumed during the charter, it will be refunded to the guest.

    Price composition example

    Charter Price


    VAT (20%)


    APA (30%)




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    Places to visit and things to do in Corsica

    • Explore the stunning beaches by Yacht
    • Explore hiking trails, including the famous GR20
    • Enjoy our modern water toys in the clear waters
    • Visit the Citadel of Calvi and the Genoese towers at the coastline
    • Enjoy Corsican cuisine – a delicious blend of French and Italian influences
    • Explore traditional villages and attend local festivals

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